My very first taste of US

In order to know the people better try to imitate the stereotypes. Follow your own way to do that. Nowadays I’ve been driving long distances on huge highways while listening to country music and smelling American perfume, stopping at Starbucks and shopping from gigantic malls which are all in chains. Everything here is huge in size. I’d asked for the smallest possible car to rent and now I am driving something more or less like a ship which is still called an economy car.

Campus site seeing in California universities is wonderful. So far I’ve visited 4 UCs (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, and LA) as well as Stanford. As expected and of course at the very first glance, the scientific atmosphere seems to be very motivating and the management system tends to be a kind of holly-wood style, as you have to feel yourself a hero and it can force you to try your best to be counted as a good guy or may punish you if you are among the bad ones. This is something that might be missed in other more relaxed systems. I am talking about a coin which has two sides; negative and positive feedback. They have a golden one I think. The system is motivating and progressive in one side and is really cruel and stressful on the other side. Being good or bad matters more here. Forget about the human rights and social health care. Give the land something and it will give you back a lot.

The context is not that humble in comparison to Scandinavia and in principle they claim about what they are which is good and bad. Although Europeans do not like this suspected right-hand system that much, I think it has its own benefits as you will see below. Well, I know such top universities of the world have a very high pass filter to admit talents. What I am saying is that besides they know how to treat them to get a better result (and perhaps nothing else). I am not in the position to judge the systems. Neither system is definitively better than the other and such a difference is just the matter of priorities.

I am now in Stanford visiting with some friends who are mentioned here:

p.s. Perhaps too much early judgment! If I change my mind, I’ll let you know.

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