The Big Data Gold Rush

From optimizing advertisement industry to manipulating financial markets or predicting electoral results Big Data has mobilized much of its army in a highly competitive battle of exhausting opportunities. This on its good side has pushed the limits of creativity and has sparked innovations in technology and science, but the competition has also justified new evil means from exploiting the last resources and violating your privacy to forming bad habits and personal recommendation of things that you don’t need. All for the local short-term benefit of the soldiers in the forefront of this battle and their fewer commanders, and at someone else’s bigger loss.

unsustainable! Is there no tomorrow?

It is the gold rush for Big Data but much of the army at its best is redistributing the gold that others have created, looking away from the magical opportunities to create gold out of the thin air!

Let’s be on the right (and smart) side of the history and create more initiatives, for example, like this.

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