Capitalism and Spacetime!

Or Borrowing from far and future.

I had no major problem with capitalism until I realized how the beast actually works. From the typical enemies of capitalism I don’t share destructive non-libertarian views of communism or the world views of the Abrahamic religions and Islam in particular. As I’ve said before all these ideas have a viral code for dominance and that is why they have dominated large parts of the world already.

Now, what I see about capitalism frightens me even more than its key rival ideologies. And that is its particularly simple viral code:

Capitalism does not deliver its massive value out of thin air. It largely borrows it from far in space and time.

And according to special relativity in politics (lol), these two problems are one.

Far in space could be wherever it outsources the suffering to make a little local joy. Whether it be ethnic conflicts, African mines, animal farms, species in the oceans or cheap child labor economies, such blind treatment of these resources by the capitalistic machine is prone to overexhaustion. And this will mean that what’s far comes closer and closer. You see it has already sneaked in to our safe bubbles and we should get the message.

And what is far in time? Future! That too comes closer and closer. I think we all agree on that one. So what can stop us from our own extinction, or at best facing a deserted earth filled with angry apes killing each other to a reasonable downsize?

No reform. No software upgrade. Nothing. Nothing but the shut down of the machine at least with the current model.

Or this greedy machinary will shut itself down but hopefully before destroying us together.

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