Dream: The Phosphorous Botanical Garden

I was visiting a botanical garden exhibiting “cousins of life on earth” curated from other planets. Although the items on the show were quite exotic, they still seemed familiar to our life forms, so I was a bit dissapointed by them being not extraterrestial enough.

There were a lot of exotic plants and a whole department of huge carnivorous ones. Many of them slooked like human eye with their spikes being like eyelashes.

I was arguing that their look is not just like general eyes actually resembles our very human-specific eyes, with very similar eyelashes and same sharp angles. Therefore they must have evolved after modern humans and are very recent.

Meanwhile I was trying to walk between the plants to avoid the phosphorous dust they were spreading, since their shiny pollination dust was dangerous radioactive material for us.

All of a sudden it turned out that the whole department we are walking on is a huge carnivarous plant like a typical flytrap and its snaps are coming together to eat us all alive probably faster than we can escacpe it.

I ran away and woke up to our boring terrestrial life forms.

PS. The voice in my dream, few nights earlier:

There’s a closet full of strange creatures in the back of everyone’s mind. Once you know in which direction to turn your head, you will be amazed by seeing them all. But even more surprised how in the universe had you not done that simple twist of the neck before.

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