Not alone, but we’re lonely

Aliens probably exist. But they didn’t make our pyramids. And they didn’t negotiate with our governments. That’s just a childish scenario.

It’s reasonable to believe in extraterrestials. They are likely to exist, given the vastness of the universe, and given us. So we are probably not alone, but our companions are perhaps not so hangable either.

Aliens, at the time of us encountering them, could be inconceivably different from us. In their size and time constants, intelligence, capabilities, goals and morals. So the cosmic pluralism that makes us unlikely to be alone, makes us even less likely to have friends.

The most realistic scenarios of us and aliens encountering each other has got to be the wildest ones. Not like we both go to space and we then meet and exchange ideas. Or they come find our planet and throw a pyramid at it and leave, then millenia later return with fancier UFOs to negotiate with our government.

We have probably not met aliens yet, not conventionally, recently, and in equal terms at least. And they have probably not encountered us. But if they already have, it must have been a long time ago, and perhaps in ways less imaginable to our day to day minds.

So this was a preperation for what I am going to dream about tonight. In what ways we may have encountered aliens! There may be episodes or scenes of dildosphere too. Will let you know how it goes.

Good night!

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