Playing with numbers

Mr. Crab, argues that:

It is hard to believe that a country with the total area of 20,000 km and the population of only 7 millions can stand against a country [Iran] which is at least 80 times bigger than its size and has a generation which by no means can be compared with his indolent young generation.

So, I would be happy to see why while playing with the numbers, Mr. Crab realized that the young Israeli generation becomes indolent. So, let’s try some other numbers:

You might have heard this famous comparison. There are 117 namely Muslims per each Jew. Jews have received, by 2006, 178 Nobel prizes. Multiplying these two recent bold numbers one creature from Mars may expect the Muslim countries to have a little bit more than 20,000 Nobel Prize winners. How much do they have? It is reported between 7 to 12, depending on if you can count someone like Albert Camus as Muslim or not! So, the new generation of such a people has changed immediately and they are not updated by this yet?

What this extraordinary amount of contribution in the science can tell us? Ferdowsi (the Persian poet) has given the answer one millennium ago: knowledge is the power.

Where the hell is such a knowledge coming from? For us young generation of Iranians one of the main sources is the untruthful historical books that we have been obliged to pass since 1980s. Looking back in to the history, I think that Iranian and Jewish people have always been good allies for each other. They owe Cyrus who releases them and they know it. I’ve heard it several times from few Jewish people I have met, although none were citizens of Israel.

In my opinion being enemy of Israel for us Iranian people was a historical lie. And we don’t have enough information to judge about the conflict based on the biased advertisement of the government since our childhood, which aimed primarily to export the Islamic revolution to our neighbors.

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  1. There are several fallacies in your arguments.

    First of all I believe that you have mixed two different stories together!

    when I recall the Israeli generation I do not point on Jewish people. Although the founders of Israel in holy land were Jew but it doesn’t mean that when we refer to Israeli people we are pointing toward their religion! political view of Zionism is absolutely something different from the holy divine catechises of Moses (PBUH).

    I hereby do no intend to repudiate the famous acuity of Jewish people but this argument has nothing to do with my statement that this indolent generation living inside Israel are not brave enough to stand against Iranian lions!

    referring to ridiculous statement of Mccain I have to say let them to be 3 Billion and 6 hundred million instead of only three hundred million or so! while we have God beside us let the world be in one side and we stand alone on the other side.



    almost 80 percent of the population of Israel are Jews. (roughly 6 million out of 7 and the rest are mainly Arabs).

    Many of them, Jews, do not believes in their religion, as many in Muslim countries are not religious at all. I was talking about the folk, the people, not the religion. You claimed that their new generation is indolent. Well, support your sentence!

    But, your argument about god. It was really convincing 😉 I mean it convince yourself to stop working with numbers and let the god play the dice, although Einstein says that it’s not the case.

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