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Instagram app has updated its data policy. It is not yet rolled out to their website so I can link, but I urge you to read it once you soon get the notification:

They are being upfront about how much data they collect, and implictly admit that they have your shadow profile, even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

Which is a double-edged knife; Not only it’s an honest gesture, it will also make you give up quitting their service, cause of course, they see you anyhow even if you haven’t made an account at the first place.

It is smartly drafted and clearly technical experts, lawyers and psychologists are involved.

They have listed many different types of raw data they collect (“data categories”, as a congresswoman called it), but don’t say what this data can be used for. What other information about us can be inferred from processing such raw data – how much this data can tell about us – is inconcievable for most of us. Cambridge Analytica was the tip of an iceberg.

Facebook among many other giants are closing on to the level of a super-organism mapping the real world of social and physical connections, and yet conveying that you can not escape this system so just try to get along and live with it.

While we should be aware how such level of knowledge can be used to manipulate us or others against us – simply for profit and at any costs, simply how capitlaism’s metrics work – we should know that this is yet another stage of our evolution.

As the Internet made the infrastructure available for many codes to quickly evolve and dominate, no *beta* version of any code, no early form of DNA for any superorganism lasts so long.

* * *

The forementioned data policy shows that Facebook has not given up on its self-destructive greed, and is covertly following its growth patterns of move fast and break things. Facebook might have gotten away with this challange this time around, and could also possibly come to an agreement with lawmakers and politicians to let them safely keep on going with their endless domination agenda.

Although, I am sure this super-organism is not aware of things that some of its cells are, and even its CEO could not process such information better than some of us.

That – in a nutshell – how exactly in the face of environmental pressures the big can fail faster:

When the large asteroid hit the earth 65 million years ago, it was the gigantic dinaseurs who went extinct. So Facebook may want to give a little budget from their lawyers and psychologists to hire an ecologist or an evolutionary biologist, to help them take note and learn why it happened to those giant super-advanced reptiles, who were once inarguably on top of the food chain. And how tiny shrews took the chance in such a chaos to dominate the scenery and kickstarted new generation of mammals taking the game to the next level.

My note from two and a half years ago on the topic:

Facebook will die

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