Parviz Meshkatian (1955-2009)

Today afternoon, Parviz Meshkatian, Iranian composer, musical researcher and santur (cimbalom) player passed away due to cardiac arrest while he was just 54. In the past few years he had become artistically isolated, being very unsatisfied with the censorship and other troubles in the Iranian art scene.

I’ll never forget that once I had an epileptic seizure (when I was 14) as a result of listening to one of his pieces over and over and over… Its scale called “Bidaad” (can be translated in to something between injustice and catastrophe!) is very close to the harmonic minor but the tonic is two semitones higher.

To me introducing the Persian flute (Nei) with a syncopation or a back-beat is one of his signatures. This old song of unity (…0:07″ and 0:16″) which once more after thirty years has become widely spread around again (now in the Iranian green movement) is a good example . The epic lyrics are also written by him:

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