October in San Fransisco

Some times it’s exciting if you don’t know where you will be the next week. This time I even passed the 90th minute. I was lucky that finally it worked!

Exactly one week ago on Tuesday, I was interviewed by US embassy in Oslo. And now, in less than one week, I was informed that my US non-immigrant visa has been issued (perhaps some days ago!), and my stamped passport is on the way back home! It’s really a short time for such a travel document. This poor one, is an Iranian passport with a big sign of “Allah” – standing for the Islamic Republic – and nowadays is not a very useful thing to carry in the western lands. Mine was especially virgin and unexperienced with US, cause this was the first time that it wanted to have a US visa hologram on its face.

Well, being aware that I was really really late to apply for such a permit, I think I was absolutely lucky, finally, to get it. Of course, the officers in Oslo tried their best to speed up the process. Thanks to them. God bless America. And meanwhile God please don’t forget doing the same good job for Iran!

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2 thoughts on “October in San Fransisco”

  1. Lucky Nima,
    That’s a Great News.
    Congratulations & Good luck



    Dear Ali,

    You always call me lucky and I thank you. It is nothing important but whatever it is, is the matter of will. I describe it for you when we see! 🙂

  2. Dear Nima,

    Ofcourse you are totally right but I think we can not ignore the role of chance in some or may be all aspects of the life.

    Anyhow I am eagerly await to meet you with enough free time to discuss about various things either in Iran or everywhere else in the globe. Do let me know if there is a chance in this regard.

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