Sep 08 2016

Psychopathy in Politics. Trump, Ahamdinejad and the rest of them

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Unpredictability of an embarassing election

The most powerful nation on earth, the geography that still absorbs the best and most courageous minds on the globe, has managed to narrow down its three hundred million population down to two embarrasing choices. For their president, and commander in chief.

The two-party system is locked up. Money has reinfoced its power. In once being the land of the free and the home of the brave, people do not choose their faith freely anymore.

And it is still called a democracy.

On one side the democratic party secretly back-stabbed Bernie Sanders, for a curropt politician with a careless history of causing wars and conflicts, Hillary Clinton. On the other side a TV host with the scariest promises rarely heard in that level of power became the finalist of the republican party. And his rhetorics has already polarized the country in two or more hostile clusters.

It is hard to predict how the US (and the world) would look like after each of the two. But indeed harder to especulate that with Donald Trump.

Psychopaths and politics

Trump has an attitude. Those who have followed the Iranian politics would recognize that his character is somehow similar to Ahmadinejad of Iran. Both are primitive and instictive enough to have been resembled to monkeys or alpha gurrilas. And by the way we should be grateful that such profiles demonstrate and manifest such behavior so we can develop an eye and spot it elsewhere in our politics.

But how can an average ape climb up the ladders of human power hirarchy and reach some of its highest tops? Well these profiles are narcissists that posses not much quality but mimicing the values around them and growing bigger by sucking the juice out of the things in their environment without other considerations. Energy vampires as they are called by the public, do not normally hesitate to backstab their support, after they served their purpose for them.

Ahmadinejad which was the forced choice of the Iranian hardliners and took the power with coup by backstabing the rivals brutally, quite quickly started to make trouble for his companions and friends. That included eventually many conflicts with the supreme leader who had paid a big price by taking his side while they stole the votes of a nation in the Iranian 2009 election.

A psychopath’s strategy is defined by “self” and not so much tied to the long term goals of a greater whole, their environment, their constitution, a regime, a party, or an establishment. Their circle of empathy can be literally as tight as their skin boundaries, which enforces no commitment whatsoever, even to their closest friends.

The core values of a psychopaths – self benefit – does not change, but the means of reaching those goals may change quickly by any change in the environment.

A change in the environment, such as being elected.

The interaction of our politicians within the environments around them is still driven by our primate brain eveolved in the groups of 100 to 150 people. Now that the man kind is connected, such small selfish traits of parasitic behavior or psychopathy, and a minor flaw in practicing empathy can have world wide effects and can spark self-organized terrible disasters that would destroy us all together.

It is thus really important to study the interaction of our politicians and how they play with the strings tied to them in their social organizations. It is crucial to follow up how people have climbed up the ladders, driven by their psychology, to see what damages they may cause in that system later. Politics not merely based on sociology, but also psychology. That is what I think is not discussed enough and it is now getting dangerous.

Back to Trump and Ahmadinejad. They have got no empathy. It is quite likely for their Amygdala (the empathy center of the brain) that they both score in the bottom couple of percents of the activity range with compered to an average chunk of normal humans.

Lack of empathy in power is the most important danger that the human kind faces. It brings pure uncertainty. No empathy for the underdog means no empathy for the superior or colleagues. A psychopath will not play within the rules. In this case Trump would probably have difficulties to show long-term commitment to the system, the party, or the establishment. He would not be committed to his lobyists, unless they make sure they have the means to control him during a future precidency.

I understand American politics has ensured ties that politicians stay responsible to their constitutions, but  the definition of constitution can vary a bit from candidate to candidate, too. There are official commitments and promises on paper, but there are individual goals and tendencies that leak through people’s attitude and history. And they are stronger with people exhibiting the psychopathic traits.

Trump will serve himself only, and will serve others as long as he needs. That’s the recipe to guess what he will do next at any moment of time. The good side of this is that in the locked up situation of the American politics that does not look like a democracy anymore, there are many narcissists scattered around. It’s pretty much everywhere like this, but these people are on top of the food chain and control many systems confidently and ruttlessly. This system works still and has not reached a collapse from inside or yet from a bottom up reform or revolution. Having a Trump as the commander in chief is scary but will also imply that he will not necessarily collaborate with the rest of “evil”s in the system. He will actually make trouble for them. Unpredictable and uncertain!

Still, I don’t think he would manage to mobilize the population like Hitler did once, or like Ahmadinejad tried. He would probably cause trouble for the people around, and will be – hopefully – isolated or disarmed by other centers of power around him, when they realize their profit is in danger around him. It’s not the case yet and will happen. But I have no idea if that potential hit the reality within 4 or 8 years, or never will.

Point being, deep inside we are all selfish, but the history of our choices shows how far our circle of empathy reaches, unofficially Trump’s commitment circle includes only himslef as much as he can manage to manipulate around. I think his precidency would have similarities to Ahmadinejad’s precidency in Iran. Only scaled up to a global level.

The psychopath’s rival

Clinton on the other hand, has a curropt history but she is more of a sane person.  She will play within the rules and will serve an establishment. She will certainly collaborate with a good chunk of moderaltely selfish people, and will thus manage to cause some well-thought damage to the world. To optimize a local benefit of a group of elite that is quite bigger then herself.

Clinton would be the continuation of the current regime. An increase in the equality, where even she as the unofficial candidate of wall street tries to collect votes from by abusing that topic.

Anti Trump leftist camp failed to see that even for the main body of Trump supporters, this is a class war. And they all play with this card. Afterall, this is still a democracy in form and cannot be run by the elites for the elites. No matter which part of the elites you represent, they need the majority.

Face-off type of comparison is misleading and is one of the biggest flaws of democracy. We have concentrated evil in Trump, vs. distributed evil in Clintons and a bigger gang. Guess for yourself which one causes more damage. And to which group.

How did we get in to this at the first place?

And what can we do now?

I sometimes think of “Gamification of ethics”. To make ethics fun and to spread ethical, caring and empathetic values through fun games. One way can be to popularize the practice of disarming psychopaths in any given setting, around any table. First of  all, the most powerful psychopaths who cause big wars and conflicts they all start small. Second, there is a hirarchy of power anywhere you look at. Psychopath (and that term includes all of us in some levels) will cause damage for those who are on their blind spots, for those outside of the circle of our empathy. And none of us have a global circle of empathy that reaches far outside ourselves. At least to keep the human kind intact and for the survival of our own species,  it is important to bring to the public, the skills we ALL need to posses, in order to defuse the psychopathic traits around us, so they safely inhibit and ignore the careless harm that they can cause to a much greater whole. This way, may be we ultimately avoid or postpone the singularity that will at least end the mankind.

Aug 31 2016

Smart House

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It will be interesting to see what kind of things Zuckerberg will show off. This is a big gamble for one of the most successful people out there in a long run. It may create a hype right now, but in a couple of decades things can look funny, silly or try-hard.

I can’t see this effort in 30 years, to be something like 1984 Apple ad that people still talk about.

He would probably focus on things that he has in hands and they are good at: face and speech recognition.

But let us hope for a variety of non-AI technologies alongside AI to shape a livable future smart home. Some can’t happen today, but he could push to conceptualize/implement some of these:

- Home energy optimiser with central light control
- Self washing huge windows
- Animated carpets
- Illuminating interactive art
- Recursive spaces and scalable halls
- Cloud based Mood analyzer (Happit brand!)
- Augmented reality fashion room integrated with the above
- Advanced AI back-scratching robots!

And looking at things culturally may be such innovations turn out to be more important, for the sake of sustainability of the exponential growth of tech and its artifacts:

- Stupidity reflector
- Manipulation resistor
- Random joke maker
- Relationship break up alert
- Alter-ego booster
- Cool neighbor finder
- 3D fashion closet
- Sleep optimizer with dream detector
- Standardised EU-approved sustainable self-promoter

Although people would still fry eggs in the future, a robotic chef is ok. A human-like physical robot is just dumb.

Also a contrast of old/new, like a blend of future and old technology would be more visually beliavable than getting rid of everything that is so 2015. Also ritual stuff from all over the world improves the scenery.

More ideas appreciated in the comments. How would you imagine your own future smart home?

PS. Also who will live in a futuristic home? Kids. So may be you can ask them for inspiration

Aug 23 2016


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I fail to take any side in this. My heart feels every one involved in the picture. My mind criticises them all. Just zoom out and see for yourself that our value system has come to a halt.


So some males wrap females in fabric to gain control. From which some migrate to new places. In the new places, the females insist on wrapping themselves in a carpet. Say in 30 degrees, this time to make political statements. See, she is the only one not having a mat under. Cause she prefers it around. Armed cops rush in to the scene to address the “public concern”. But how can she untell a statement? By uncovering the fabric of course! Meanwhile bystanders are chilling by the beach and judging the scene in one way or another… And sitting on their own mats by the way, instead of wearing them! Everyone has their own strong opinion. No one knows what they are doing or why. Confused state.

Now add a truck that drives over the whole absurd scenery. Our world has already become surreal… #nice #france #world #wonderland

PS. Now Facebook wants me to tag 6 people in there. And I was on the exact same beach just two days ago, so I probably could!

Jul 06 2016

Apology for war crimes?

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An honest apology from Tony Blair.

Expressed by his shaking voice saying that he takes “full responsibility” for the decision he took to participate in the US-led war with Iraq together with a coalition of 40 other countries.

This act should be encouraged and shall be taken as a responsible step forward to solve a “problem”.

And we have a problem.

All of us, every one of us citizens of the world, whether we live in a western democracy or a middle eastern dictatorship or elsewhere around the globe should come together and actively participate to solve this problem.

And what is the problem?

Something is terribly wrong with the world we live in. A world where the intelligence assemssment and sensitive information “turns out to be wrong” systematically. And the aftermath of the decisions that leaders make are “more hostile, protracted and bloody than ever imagined”, always. All the bloddy time, whether the politican is Tony Blair or Hillary Clinton in one camp or Saddam Hussain or Bashar Al Assad in another front, the outcome of the decisions that leaders make is more bloddy and hostile than imagined.

What is this stronger rule that governs them all?

Well, I don’t know.

I am not in the camp that says Illuminati and a secret society has been rulling us since 18th century and everything is planned for the centuries to come. Neither do I side with those who think everything is conspiracy. And that “mess” is an emergant property of our complex civilization and evolves on its own. And that disaster self-organizes itself a little here and there and everything will be fine eventually as long as we have good intentions in the long run.

It is more complex than that. Local democracies or military coallitions can not solve this alone. Politics in general can’t overcome it on its own. Love alone is not capable to see it or predict it. And science, solo, can not feel it or even care about it. No nation, organization, or party alone can go ahead, decide and fix this and expect good outcomes.

Many things are terribly wrong with the world we live in. And every innocent child who is born to this – before absorbing the currportion from the surrounding adulthood – can easily feel and see that the big picrure we are drawing collectively is getting painful and is getting ugly.

“Expressing sorrow, regret and apology” is a good start for all of us to admit that something is wrong. And that terrible things can come out of otherwise [hopefully] good intentions. This happens if we don’t look at a bigger picture, without understanding it, and without caring to show empathy for all the beings that will be affected by our choices.

To overcome the paralyzing forces of “guilt” and to be brave to stop legitimizing what we have been doing so far, we need to break the bad habbits. We need a “change” in one way or another. And we need a change that we choose, before a bigger change is forced upon us by the stronger forces of the nature.

And if we leave politics alone, politics does not leave us alone. So let’s focus on the problem. We don’t have a solution but this confession gives hope that there could be light at the end of the tunnel.

Jun 23 2016

Robots Take Over

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“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”
- Stephen Hawking

“I am in the camp that is concerned about superintelligence.”
- Bill Gates

“If I were to guess what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably artficial intelligence.”
- Elon Musk

“I would have made you my bitch, if I were smarter than you!”
- Søren

Jun 22 2016

Animals don’t have feeling

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Animals don’t have feelings or emotions. They don’t have the ability to think or to reason. These are common misconceptions. In fact animals don’t even exist!

Jun 07 2016

Strata + Hadoop London 2016

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It’s certainly hard to tell where the capital of Big Data is, but if it has one it’s gotta be London.I was  there again, this time with Sherpa to celebrate 10 years of a cute elephant!

May 24 2016


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This is Soren.


His owner (whom I won’t tag for security reasons) is traveling for two months and so this fluff stays with me for a couple of months. Soren is a mixed breed called Hymalayan. They are Persian cats bred with some Siamese gene that makes them smarter. They have the fluff and laziness from the Persians and intellect and analytical skills from Siamese. For the same reason they are vocal. They talk to express themselves. His owner told me that sharing space with him will help to decode his language soon. So far I’ve recognized three distinct sounds referring to:
- I’m starving
- Stop ignoring me reciprocally
- Don’t you sit on me!


The molecular structure of cats makes them liquid but it doesn’t mean that you can pour a cat into more than one bucket. Here is a drop of cat for example:

Soren drop

The Dishwasher

The puzzle of Soren’s love for the bathroom, the mystery of him disappearing a couple of times where no one could find him, the problem of unpleasant smell that I couldn’t sniff where it comes from, all solved when I wanted to do laundry! ‪#‎cat‬ ‪#‎urine‬ ‪#‎inside‬ ‪#‎washingmachine‬

Soren Dishwasher

The Alarm

Fluffy alarm goes off again. 6AM in the morning…

Soren Alarm

The Other Cat in Karl Johan

Born in the wrong species

This girl is a cat. She realized it when she was sixteen and came out later. I had seen her before through my window and the scenes you see in this video are just down my apartment. I was confused many times what Soren is reacting to when there’s no other cat. Now I know she is one of the reasons that he leaves marks by the window, to spread his smell and to show his territory.

The Wine

So a normal man has a wife who kisses him good night. I have Soren (If you don’t know him, he’s a 7-year-old non neutered Himalayan cat who bites me goodnight). Usually he’s gentler than this but tonight he bit me really hard while I was petting him. My hand was hurt and he felt guilty enough to hide himself and didn’t show up as usual to sit on my head or to hump the pillow. It could be the night for me to sleep uninterrupted.

And it was until I woke up by the sound of dripping water in the kitchen. Then it was the smell of wine. Apparently one full bottle out of twenty bottles of home-made banana wine – recently arrived from Trondheim – had just cracked and spilled all over. I cleaned it up and examined the scene. Soren playing a role in this is very unlikely since he is still under the bed. The bottle had cracked horizontally but standing still. So some physical effect like explosion due to gas pressure or temperature change is to blame. Still strange though!

Just in case I displaced all the bottles and kept ignoring his presence. He’s still under the bed and seems a little depressed.

If there will be more casualties tonight, yet he does not show up on the bed as he usually do then he’s in charge of these plots.

Unless he reads this post which is a different story! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3:30 AM – OSLO

Soren Wine

p.s. 5AM! He just, NOW, shat and made too much unnecessary noise. Purposefully digging the earth and playing with hard objects 5 in the morning. As he realized that I woke up he ran under the bed again. Still not showing up on the bed. He’s making me very suspicious…

The escape

So Soren had escaped and was gone for a night. The poor thing was discovered sleeping in the sun in the backyard not in his most charming shape. We don’t know where he has been and what parties he has crashed but he has possibly digested some grass that made him vomit. Or at least doctors suspect so. Soren is deffinitely not vegan. Like any other cat he is an absolute carnivor. He doesn’t even eat other things than the cat food, made from chicken, turkey and fish. Even if he is hungry he refuses any other thing. So it’s odd if he has tasted some fiber that would make him like this. Out of curiosity may be?

He is in a good shape now and will respond to his emails at his convenience.

The catch of the day is though: There actually exist vegan dogs and cats out there! There are dogs (and even cats) who are on a cruelty-free vegan diet because of their vegan owners. And they manage to live long. Can you believe it?

Table Manners

Although Soren is humble and nice to other pets, he is still classy and elegant. He has the manners and etiquette of eating properly and sometimes when he meets some of his friends who don’t do this right, he humbly tries to show them the correct style. So they can also be more successful pets in their lives. Check the video!

Soren from Inside


I must add that baby sitting is not a totally correct word since he is a 40-year-old big bearded muscular man and a bad-ass alpha mail from inside. He looks cute from outside but if you normalize him within his species you get Tom Hardy or Bruce Willis. Hi beats the shit out of other cats and sometimes dogs and he can be super confident, determined and someitmes rude, but very kind and caring at the same time. For real!

Soren is gone

So the cat is gone. The owners came back from the long journey and claimed it back. They had a bunch of ridiculous reasons such as Soren is used to their home for 7 years, or that they have a bigger place and the cat is more comfortable there. And that they are a couple and have more time to spend with the cat. But on top of their arguments was that they should have the cat back because he is their cat. Seriously? And that’s how things are. Soren is gone…

May 19 2016

AI better artistic than artificial

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Here again, I reshare the joint forces of “Deep Art” and recommend you to try it out. Their work is underrated in comparison to, say Google’s super-nerdy “Deep Dream” and the big hype around it the last year. Their approach is as brilliant but their results are hundred times more beautiful and perceptual. Apparently artistically-gifted researchers create neater science than nerds do.

May 01 2016

Hectic weekend!

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Left to the airport after my work on Friday and landed in Trondheim midnight, partied with friends and had fun big time, met with the accountant to close the company, finished the tax return forms (s), picked up the neon lights and other branded material from the cafe to ship to Oslo, took over my so-missed apartment and signed a contract renting it out again from tomorrow, gave away the last unwanted items both from the cafe and the apartment, went through around 50 unchecked letters and acted upon them, met with as many Zedgers as I possibly could passed a midnight and even got time to drop by the once in a year underground electro scene in Trondheim which luckily coincided my trip. It would have been awesome to get the chance to meet the magicians and it turned out that today is the yearly meeting of the association in Trondheim! Had more to do but sadly not possible on a weekend. I guess I am ready to head back to work in Oslo tomorrow (Monday) early morning!

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