Oct 20 2014

Vacation in London

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So as a part of my productive 10 days vacation spent in London I took the chance to take part in a Data Science Meetup at Cambrdige, a Big Data Meet-up In London and the best of all, the hottest hack gathering of the globe TechChrunch Disrupt 2014 Hackathon that had come to London and we submitted our web app among 89 hacks. This is my portfolio on ChallangePost where I will post more products and hacks in the near future. And here is our hack’s profile Happit that I will write a separate post about it.

Oct 01 2014

Michael Faraday

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to understand how an electric motor works turn your screen upside down (clockwise) and continue reading this.
˙sıɥʇ ƃuıpɐǝɹ ǝnuıʇuoɔ puɐ (ǝsıʍʞɔolɔ) uʍop ǝpısdn uǝǝɹɔs ɹnoʎ uɹnʇ sʞɹoʍ ɹoʇoɯ ɔıɹʇɔǝlǝ uɐ ʍoɥ puɐʇsɹǝpun oʇ

Sep 28 2014

3D Miniature Sculpture

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from Sayag Gallery by Tannaz

Tannaz has finished my 3D miniature face without ever meeting the real thing, and only based on pictures. No 3D printing and no Inkjet. 100% handmade in the size of a thumbnail. Unbelievably detailed and it was her first try ever making face sculptures! Check her Sayag gallery.

Sep 24 2014

On Increasing Entropy and Evolution of Ideas

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Mass will always follow a form of religion. And it’s a good thing when we can’t handle more disorder and chaos. Think of it, our species has already outsourced all it could, even creativity, and soon there will be no more room: We are isolated and it means ever increasing entropy. Isn’t it then safer if mainstream synchronizes with an external force, rather than each leading and pioneering? Imagine if each of these people had their own opinion, their own brand, their own cult. Imagine if each of us were a prophet or an emperor. All the great ideas that could emerge aside, the world would collapse in no time.

Sep 23 2014


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So after a long time I had to take a bus. Bus strikes are very rare in here, yet these two rare events coincided and I had to bike which was long and up hill. On my way I saw a dude waiting in the bus stop. I told him (I shouldn’t have) that there’s a bus strike and he won’t move an inch by standing there. He said he knows but buses are coming one another. I chose to park the bike and buy a ticket. He said if it shows in the monitor (which it did) then the bus comes (which it didn’t). I didn’t know how longer to wait and if it is more likely to come if I wait more. And the talk I was rushing to was about perception of time, prediction of events and uncertainties around that; So quite the case of me waiting for the bus. Then at some point I waved for a cab and took it. We talked about the bus strike and he said they want more money. I’d heard bus and cab drivers have a relatively good pay in Norway. Then he started to take his time and drive around and do U turns to optimize his money on my time cost. I nagged about it and said I have to strike then! He didn’t care and finally at the destination said have a nice day! And that exactly happened. I am having a nice day.

Aug 14 2014


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Another honor for our department (Department of Mathematical Sciences of Sharif University). The first woman ever winning the Fields medal (known as the Nobel prize of math).

Jun 06 2014

Talk for IxDA: “UX <3 Big Data”

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Together with Berit Marie Alvestrand, UX manasger at Zedge, I had a speech yesterday at IxDA Trondheim Meetup (#8: Design & BigData) which took place at DIGS. Find slides here.

Mar 28 2014


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A short interview with me  with the official university newspaper at NTNU on the recent discriminative rules and regulations against the Iranian students in Norway.

Mar 20 2014

This blog post

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Not every post is a post. On the other hand not every post is a post either. It’s neither necessary nor sufficient for a post to be a post . On the other hand a post is a post if and only if it’s a post. Therefor it’s both sufficient and insufficient for a post to be a post. And a post is both necessary and unnecessary. So why are you reading this post?

Mar 15 2014

Life One

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This article might introduce a new and interesting concept to some, which is interesting, yet is confusing a conventional and intuitive notion of life with a more general definition.

I think trying to define life so it fits our intuition about the term, RNA-hypothesis can be necessary and sufficient. Darwinian evolution on the other hand is a more general concept that can potentially go beyond the life on our planet. It might be encoded into the physics of the universe. In that case self-organization, growth, reproduction and complexity can take place in many other contexts from computer viruses to ideas and from social memes to a potential/theoretical/extraterrestrial “life”. (As the article agrees)

My point here is that one random appearance of such physics may have given birth to RNA-based life on our planet that we can call Life One. Accepting the RNA hypothesis, that it evolved once, and that all its instances are relatives, there wouldn’t be much debate on what’s Life One. And Life Two or Life Thousand, theoretically predicted or really observed, wouldn’t confuse us.

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