Feb 12 2014

Talk at Yahoo

Category: Science, Talkadmin @ 11:53 pm

I had a talk about Statistical Physics in Big Data at Yahoo, Trondheim. It was a part of monthly Trondheim Big Data meetups. Thanks to Aree Witoelar, to share the event with covering the first part and  Knut O. Hellan for the nice introduction. Find slides here.

Jan 27 2014

Jong-Un is back

Category: Politicsadmin @ 12:20 pm

Jong-Un now executes his uncle’s entire family and sends a message to the world with his state media. Watch the video in this link.

His voice is much louder outside of his building! (Imagine how loud it would be even outside of the North Korean borders!)

Has North Korean media messed up some sound tech? Or their propaganda does it on purpose to project power? You see what I mean?

Jan 21 2014

Wrong math, wrong morals!

Category: Politicsadmin @ 11:21 pm

Kevin O’Leary! Idiot! 85 out of 7 billion is not 1%.  And redistributing wealth doesn’t mean you will own as much as everyone else. It means you should own as much as you “produce”, not so much more, not so much less!

Jan 03 2014


Category: Magicadmin @ 9:58 am

My newest mind-reading magic trick: Think of a food, of any color, or any combination of colors for that matter. Then go order it. Or make it. Pay attention to the colors of your meal as you slowly eat it. Now take your time and digest it. Keep thinking of the food… And its colors… When you’re ready go to toilet and take a dump. Your sh!t is, let me guess… BROWN!

Nov 11 2013

Lord Christian’s Magic Stunt

Category: Magic, Mediaadmin @ 3:19 pm

I was mentioned among other magical friends in Adressa (Trondheim’s main newspaper) regarding Lord Christian Wedøy’s magic stunt:

- Folk som gikk forbi stoppet opp og tok bilder, og responsen var veldig bra. Jeg sto der fra kloken tolv til halv to, sier Wedøy, som med hjelp fra Allan Hagen, Nima Darabi og Hans Henrik Verpe fikk gjennomført stuntet.

Read more about it here in Norwegian.

Oct 21 2013

Tax return!

Category: Personaladmin @ 11:26 pm

I just found 53,700 Norwegian krones “tax return”, transferred to my old bank account! No letter or notice of payment. And this is an account that I have not used in the past half a year and I was going to close it this week!

Sep 18 2013

SAIH Fall gathering

Category: Politics, Traveladmin @ 6:17 am

Look at me lacking so much sleep in this photo during the Fall SAIH gathering  trip to Nærsnes, near Oslo. The topic this year was open access to scientific journals, etc.

Aug 11 2013

The cage of mental complex

Category: Artadmin @ 12:17 pm

Eleven years ago for a short while I tried combining cartoons and comic strips; Combining already established forms of art to achieve new forms of artistic expression. This work is the one I like the most. And apart from its form, nowadays I’ve come to see that the content is truly happening more and more in the society:

Apr 22 2013


Category: Cultureadmin @ 11:09 pm

The way primitive tribes are living in poverty is the way human kind have been living for hundreds of thousands of years. If some kids have swollen bellies is not because you have a rich diet to make your belly muscles. If a considerable part of human kind is still left behind is due to being geographically located far from the heart of recent un-natural developments.

Let’s don’t forget that poverty is ugly, but natural. It’s not, unlike wealth, a product of civilization. Humans are born naked and poor, like other species. All other animals are poor by our very recent norms and standards. The extreme contrast is what civilization caused and made it visible by comparison. Not to justify the poverty, let’s just remember this to be able to reduce and eliminate poverty for our species.

Feb 04 2013

The Candy

Category: Personaladmin @ 7:26 pm

So with the post-start-loan-rejection shock I did some math to plan my future. Here in Norway there are two alternatives after I defend my PhD:

If my cafe finally works out I can go there on weekdays after my full-time programming job and serve costumers from 7pm to 11pm. I will employ myself and pay less than half tax (only 48%) as a second occupation. Then I have the only cafe in Norway where you can order food with a phone application and pick it up quick on your way. Since the plan sounds good enough to survive on its own, I won’t get any funding or sponsorship from the government. As long as I pay tax (on my benefit too) I am good to go. It’s tough but I will work harder and keep the business alive as long as I don’t cross the limits: it is illegal to work more than a certain limit! So I am already saved by the law from burning and exhaustion. And God also created weekends to chill so no more than four hours a day (from 11AM to 3PM) on Saturdays and Sundays. It is also illegal to work for free because of the black money involved (zero amount). So please don’t ask for longer opening hours if I can’t afford hiring someone else. There is nothing I can do about it. At least it will be open 4 hours every day. I won’t get time to travel though, but hey, do I need it? Now how about investing in a house instead? I have a small problem: I have already spent my savings on the cafe project and my salary before tax is already a bit higher than a certain limit to get a start loan (I already got a rejection). Then to get the initial capital I have one option left to choose from and that’s called saving. The good thing is that after few tax deductions on both jobs and living an economic life I can still put aside a little each month. It will take me only another three or four years to save the start money and then yeah! I will buy that small cozy apartment I once saw at Ilsvika. And later on a car beside it. And there will be even some left to buy a candy. Think of it. Five years from now, I own an average house, an average car and a good candy.

Now as an alternative. Let’s say after two years of bureaucracy (already passed) I give up the cafe project. Then I get depressed and will have to quit my job cause I am sick [of my situation]. No job. No cafe. Then I am entitled to get unemployment money which is off tax, I assume. And my net income which was a tiny bit more than the limit will be a tiny bit less and meets their criteria! I get the start loan and buy that small cozy apartment I saw once at Ilsvika. I will try to work here and there if my tough condition allows me. Meanwhile the government pays my energy bills and other basic costs of survival like beer, restaurants and travel to the south, which I need for my dignity (don’t laugh). They may not cover the gas for my crappy car though. That if I wait a bit more I save to buy a newer model, which is green and consumes less. I should also add that I always felt sorry for those who don’t care about the environment, but let’s don’t talk about them here. Anyhow, my humble life goes on and in five years, it’s me, with an average house, an average car, but no candy. No candy! Is that fair you think? I love candies!

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