Mar 15 2014

Life One

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This article might introduce a new and interesting concept to some, which is interesting, yet is confusing a conventional and intuitive notion of life with a more general definition.

I think trying to define life so it fits our intuition about the term, RNA-hypothesis can be necessary and sufficient. Darwinian evolution on the other hand is a more general concept that can potentially go beyond the life on our planet. It might be encoded into the physics of the universe. In that case self-organization, growth, reproduction and complexity can take place in many other contexts from computer viruses to ideas and from social memes to a potential/theoretical/extraterrestrial “life”. (As the article agrees)

My point here is that one random appearance of such physics may have given birth to RNA-based life on our planet that we can call Life One. Accepting the RNA hypothesis, that it evolved once, and that all its instances are relatives, there wouldn’t be much debate on what’s Life One. And Life Two or Life Thousand, theoretically predicted or really observed, wouldn’t confuse us.

Mar 08 2014

These Two

Category: Culture, Politicsadmin @ 5:04 pm

This inspiring Palestinian lady reminded me of another admirable person, actually from the other side of the “conflict”. An Israeli man also with disability caused by an accident, who could as well show how not to let anything hold us back.

He is a notable journalist at Wall Street Journal, who was guest to our relatives in Tehran and I later visited his home in NYC to learn more from him. This comparison makes me feel paralyzed, as I see but can’t do anything about it, that great people on both side of a conflict, are condemned to live in the shadow of mistrust and misunderstanding, probably for another hundred years to come.

Wait… He talked on TED too!

Feb 28 2014

Zero Gravity

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Gravity makes you look different. Take a picture of your face when your head is upside down and see for yourself. Don’t use a mirror cause you shouldn’t be hanging down as an observer. That’s another effect. Enjoy Kate Upton posing in zero gravity and let’s hope there will be no gravity in heaven, as there will be no time…


Sweet tea is sugar free.
Fuck the ones who disagree!
I traveled the world in the seventies.
Everybody was looking for such tea!

Feb 14 2014

Predicting Love and Politics

Category: Personal, Scienceadmin @ 6:22 pm

The awkward moment that you realize you already know things almost no body knows, yet you commit mistakes almost nobody makes.

p.s.1. I had always said from early days of social networking, that a website like Facebook can come up with the best dating advices, far better than any dating website, only if they want to use it that way. For one apparent reason: They have the data. Indeed they have so much data that no dating website even finds it important or useful. Check this example. I warn it may hurt if you fit the data individually!

p.s.2. This other article doesn’t really tell you how, but it tells you it’s possible to predict a revolution. Four years ago Bruce Bueno predicted in a TED talk what would happened to the Iranian nuclear negotiations. It all happened one by one, not in a couple of years, but in almost 4 years. He didn’t’ reveal how either. But you get some idea. Highly recommended.

Feb 12 2014

Talk at Yahoo

Category: Science, Talkadmin @ 11:53 pm

I had a talk about Statistical Physics in Big Data at Yahoo, Trondheim. It was a part of monthly Trondheim Big Data meetups. Thanks to Aree Witoelar, to share the event with covering the first part and  Knut O. Hellan for the nice introduction. Find slides here.

Jan 03 2014


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My newest mind-reading magic trick: Think of a food, of any color, or any combination of colors for that matter. Then go order it. Or make it. Pay attention to the colors of your meal as you slowly eat it. Now take your time and digest it. Keep thinking of the food… And its colors… When you’re ready go to toilet and take a dump. Your sh!t is, let me guess… BROWN!

Nov 11 2013

Lord Christian’s Magic Stunt

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I was mentioned among other magical friends in Adressa (Trondheim’s main newspaper) regarding Lord Christian Wedøy’s magic stunt:

- Folk som gikk forbi stoppet opp og tok bilder, og responsen var veldig bra. Jeg sto der fra kloken tolv til halv to, sier Wedøy, som med hjelp fra Allan Hagen, Nima Darabi og Hans Henrik Verpe fikk gjennomført stuntet.

Read more about it here in Norwegian.

Sep 18 2013

SAIH Fall gathering

Category: Politics, Traveladmin @ 6:17 am

Look at me lacking so much sleep in this photo during the Fall SAIH gathering  trip to Nærsnes, near Oslo. The topic this year was open access to scientific journals, etc.

Aug 11 2013

The cage of mental complex

Category: Artadmin @ 12:17 pm

Eleven years ago for a short while I tried combining cartoons and comic strips; Combining already established forms of art to achieve new forms of artistic expression. This work is the one I like the most. And apart from its form, nowadays I’ve come to see that the content is truly happening more and more in the society:

Apr 22 2013


Category: Cultureadmin @ 11:09 pm

The way primitive tribes are living in poverty is the way human kind have been living for hundreds of thousands of years. If some kids have swollen bellies is not because you have a rich diet to make your belly muscles. If a considerable part of human kind is still left behind is due to being geographically located far from the heart of recent un-natural developments.

Let’s don’t forget that poverty is ugly, but natural. It’s not, unlike wealth, a product of civilization. Humans are born naked and poor, like other species. All other animals are poor by our very recent norms and standards. The extreme contrast is what civilization caused and made it visible by comparison. Not to justify the poverty, let’s just remember this to be able to reduce and eliminate poverty for our species.

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