Jun 22 2015

Elevator Mel

Category: Philosophyadmin @ 10:17 PM

So there was this smart elevator in 2025 that was designed to machine learn the user behavior with some degree of freedom. Rumors has it that the code started to compose Clayderman style music, as it was easier to learn than the people’s floor preferences.

May 12 2015


Category: Personal, Quoteadmin @ 9:53 PM

I woke up realizing that consonant letters have mass. And vowels are made of energy to help moving the matter.

That is why consonants are colorfully visible and vowels are transparent as they get their color from the neighboring letters.

May 01 2015

New Interview Material for hiring Data Scientists

Category: Scienceadmin @ 1:20 PM

Hey Business Insider! any publicity is publicity. Plus you don’t need my publicity.

Though when I start my data analysis and warehousing company, I will use your article in the very first interview. If applicants don’t start laughing during the first 10 sec they are out. Unless they cry, or they get angry. Or they double-check the header thinking they are reading the Onion. Anyhow if they finally but late realized or were convinced that this is crap from every single aspect, they will be treated nicely but no job. And if… If they defended the article I would make sure there is a global black list to ban them lifetime from all activities related to data.

How do they allow themselves to publish this when they know “search results varies based on the searcher’s history, the time and place of search”.
Cause “they do say at least a little bit about how countries are perceived”?

Absolutely not.


They haven’t even checked with a friend next door to see s/he would get completely different results. In Norway I and my colleague asked Google the exact formulation:

How much * does cost in New Zeland

Autocomplete gave me: to live, build a house, abortion and to study. My colleague got food, petrol, university, gas, minecraft for NZ. The author got “vasectomy” possibly not even due to his country of search but relevant to his own search history. Then he labels every single country in the world by a totally random buzzword and gets an article in the Business Insider? Bravo!

Asking an uninteresting question, forming an irrelevant hypothesis, doing an absolutely wrong methodology on someone else’s data, representing it with a naive medium of visualization, and then lying in the title.

I had not seen something nearly careless at this level.

I try to summarize: First it gives an impression that these are top searches performed by the people in any country. That comes from the misleading title that actually changed a couple of times and finally got worse. If you struggle to make sense of this and you think it is about other countries’ perception about that country, you are still wrong. Finally you start to doubt the author and think it’s at least about how Americans perceive the world since he lives in the US. Not even that. It’s the authors search recommendation, apparently influenced bye is very own search history .

It’s like publishing an article on your personal recommendation and suggesting it to others as if the recommendation services with their fancy algorithms couldn’t do it for them.

Business Insider doesn’t need to apologize to the world for the silly stereotyping. That’s widely common and you can forgive or pity it as an effort-saving short cut to conserve mental processing energy. This article is unique in terms of ignorance combined with uncalibrated self-confidence. This is too bad to ignore.

Apr 16 2015

Cheryl’s birthday

Category: Scienceadmin @ 7:27 AM

This has been shared massively around the social media and is a fairly interesting primary school puzzle. Now I tweak it a bit and retry it on you: Bernard’s birthday is on the 1st of April and on his birthday Bernard and Albert are trying to figure out Cheryl’s birthday (Albert and Bernard must lie in all three sentences or a part each, but Cheryl doesn’t lie!). So when is Cheryl’s birthday?

p.s. This tweak could have been a bit more interesting. The problem here is that at last Albert doesn’t know what kind of Lie Bernard is making. So yes it seems both June 18 as well as May 15/16 could hold them liar. The dates can be updated for both versions to satisfy a unique answer. Can’t think of it more now. Any suggestion?

Mar 10 2015

The Yellow Duck!

Category: Culture, Philosophyadmin @ 7:01 PM

The black dog affects millions and millions of people (black dog being “depression”)

Now should we talk a little about the “yellow duck” that affects billions and billions of people?

Black dog will eventually catch your attention but the yellow duck will never appear to your sight. It’s always invisible, though if you pay attention to that animation just like the black dog you can also spot the yellow duck. It’s always somewhere in the frame, but the person affected can’t see that. Yellow duck affects billions and billions of people but no one has a problem with it. No one wants to escape from it. ‪#‎Stupidity‬ ‪#‎YellowDuck‬

Mar 02 2015


Category: Personaladmin @ 3:01 AM

After eating unexceptionally too much food today, as I was rolling in the bed I suddenly got inspired by a load of new material. Just like a revelation with all its meanings it occurred to me; suddenly and without a warning and I couldn’t help it. Then I thought I’ll just sit and deliver it.

And I have so far produced a long snake-like creature and it doesn’t end. So you wanna hear more or shall I cut the crap? #toilet

Feb 11 2015

Islamic Golden Age

Category: Philosophyadmin @ 9:12 AM

I am allergic to the buzzword of Islamic golden age imposed by the western historians when they rediscovered a remote part of the world, so let me reflect upon it:

This is said a lot before, but still. Claims such as Saying Islam brought us a lot of scientific advances:

To paraphrase Monty Python, what has Islam ever done for us? You know, apart from the algebra, the trigonometry, the optics, the astronomy and the many other scientific advances and inventions of the Islamic Golden Age.

is like saying Christianity gave us the Renaissance. No, they were just co-existing in the same region. And they may have even been counter-forces most of the time. Many of the scientist of the so-called Islamic golden age were self-claimed atheists or had philosophical agenda or personal life styles quite against the dominant Islamic ideology. One could argue that actually reviving the Islamic faith by scholars like Al-Ghazali and excommunication of reasoning and philosophy eventually put an end to the golden age of the Middle East. An age that owes Islam (as a religion, what it is) nothing, perhaps except its sunset.

Nov 10 2014

Talk at Data Insights – Cambridge

Category: Science, Talkadmin @ 9:22 PM

I had a talk at Data Insights Cambridge called “Simplicity in Complexity: Big Data Aided Design and Marketing”. Slides attached soon.


Nov 04 2014

The Weakest Link

Category: Personaladmin @ 10:21 PM

Ever since I broke my incisor tooth, there has been an unfamiliar empty space between my tongue and the upper lip. Now while some force is voluntarily sucking my lips inwards to fill that gap, the sharp edge of the new tooth keeps leaving scars.

Such self-initiative of a wounded body is known as an “inner-kiss”, when a primate kisses self from inside and is observed in humans, elves, chimps and bonobos. However, the cause of the injury has never been reported to bite a cellphone to find the weakest link between the tooth and the phone. And will never be, as it was only an ironic misuse of a coincidence when facing two already broken objects on which I depended a lot, internally and externally.

Thanks for taking me serious in all situations. Self-inner-kiss smiley.


Oct 28 2014

Is your Market Long-Tail? @ Trondheim Developer Conference

Category: Science, Talkadmin @ 6:35 AM

Thanks for everyone who came to my talk at Trondheim Developer Conference 2014. You can find my slides here and soon a link to the video.

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